The Make: Brand Identity

  • Photography: Christina Émilie – Clothing: The Make
  • The Make Redefines Business Casual for the Millennial Generation
  • The Situation:
    In a working world where suits and ties are standard for men, but for women, there is no comfortable uniform. Professional wear is too complicated, unrealistic, uptight, uncomfortable, and too expensive. Women have to choose and strike a balance between comfort / fashion and casual / formal to create the perfect office-appropriate outfit. 
    I've created a Brand Identity that builds a movement—not just based on The Make's mission, but for the clothes themselves.

  • The Solution: A Tailored Rebellion
    I created a visual personality that’s simple, dynamic, empowering, and more than a little playful. The cheeky tone of voice, is offset by a look and feel that is simultaneously scholarly, elegant and feminine. I built The Make's brand around curiosity and comfort in travel, and infused it into everything: a carefree, flowing identity that evokes feminism, elegance, and rebellion at the same time.

    What I Did:
    Brand Strategy
    Brand Identity
    Visual Design
    Art Direction

    Featured In:
    Who What Wear