Taxpoint Contabilidad Integrada Re-Brand

  • This was a brand redesign for an accounting firm that offers several services, some of which are the most modern offered privately throughout the city of Santo Domingo.

    The client felt his previous brand was off-putting and didn't express the more friendly side of his services and still seem professional and trustworthy. He wanted to show with his new identity the fact that he handles all his cases personally and not put through a program or machine to be dealt with automatically.
  • The objective was to create an identity that expressed a more friendly and vibrant approach to "professionalism" and "economical growth". Observing the old identity I could tell that new typography, and color palette was essential to this. I tried to salvage the "dot" or "point" icon in a simplified version as I thought it fit perfectly with the name and it adds an extra graphic element that could be used to add dynamism to compositions.
  • The green symbolizing money and good fortune and the blue that evokes friendliness and peace are part of the new identity, along with a logotype in lower-case letters to make it even more casual and approachable.