whee! Indoor Playground

  • Whee! is an indoor playground that strives to become a community that offers a cozy space of recreation regulated by the same values and cares that a mother gives their children in the warmth of their home.
  • They needed a new corporate identity for the opening of their first locale in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. My goal was to create a mark that reflected the joy of a child at play and also expressed "nurture" "growth" and "fun" which were the main things the client wanted to put forth as their brand without seeming chaotic or overly-energetic.
  • The logo with the cursive and loopy typography gives the mark a fun and joyful expression and the color palette in natural tones of green and blue are meant to give it a little more energy while still expressing the "growth" aspect.
  • The indoor signage became a play on words using the name of the business and the action meant to be taken within the room.