Maeno & Co. Re-Brand

  • Maeno & Co. is a Public Relations and Event Production company y Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. As one of the most prestigious PR and event companies in the city┬áit has the pleasure of having as clients some of the biggest and well-known brands within the country.

    Very recently the company went through a growth process and decided the previous graphic identity no longer suited the newer, more grown up and business-like essence of the business. The idea was to make the brand express the more premium solutions they offer as well as a less childish air, without losing all of the character that the company brings to every project.

    The re-brand was done internally while I worked as Graphic Designer in their creative team.
  • The solution to achieve this objective was to deepen the blue from the previous identity to keep some of the essence but make it seem more adult and premium. I eliminated the gray as a secondary color in favor of a bronze/copper tone that would bring some of the industrial-chic vibes that the brand wanted to put out.
  • I wanted to make the whole identity as versatile as possible since the company's communications are extremely varied and the logo has to work on all sorts of backgrounds or applications.
  • The typography change/selection was a big step towards achieving the desired outcome since the client wanted to keep the typographic logo. I believe the small serifs give it a sense of formality without becoming too traditional and the "engraved" look take it a step further into the industrial-chic territory.
  • The branding continues to be applied on a multitude of pieces as the company continues to grow and has new needs. So far, it has worked wonderfully in every instance and has achieved the expected reaction from the public.