NYC ACM SIGGRAPH: 2018 Metro CAF Opening Sequence

  • I had a pleasure to work on this passion project with a bunch of talents. 
    Together we used our spare time after work, and produced this short 30 second opening sequence of 2018 Metro CAF film festival happened in New York City. 
  • To start making this short opening sequence, I made a quick storyboard.
  • After that, Kai, and I worked this camera together in C4D and maya.
  • On the other hand, Jelly, Puthima, and Kai worked on the variation of the style frames. The following posts are their amazing works! 
  • I worked on the main building for Metro CAF theater. 
    While Yu Nien working on the background clouds. 
  • This is the base texturing I did in Substance painter!
  • Final render and comp without the 2D wave animation. 

    Director: Joy Tien
    Animation Technical Director: Hui Kai Su
    3D Production: Joy Tien, Yu Nien Chen
    Art Direction: Hui Kai Su, Jelly Wei, Puthima Wongdeeprasith
    Music Editing: Linda Eng
    Purchased Music Resource: Audio Jungle

    Thank you for stopping by  (◉˘◡˘◉)