60-Second Branding Videos

  • It's been A TOTAL BLAST creating this series since I started it in 2018.

    The response has been great. Each episode is about "60 seconds short" with fast, insightful, not the usual "I've-heard-that-a-million-times-before" stuff. I cover branding, rebranding, design, culture, leadership, marketing, disruption and, of course, Brand Intervention

    This is you and me, sitting down over coffee and me downloading branding strategies that empower you, empower your brand, empower you with the things to avoid so you don't waste time making the difference you're capable of.

    My goal is that many more get this little knowledge bombs each and every Wednesday morning. If you aren't already subscribed, do that—and remember—after you've subscribe, press on the little bell icon 🔔 so you're notified as soon as it drops. 🔔

    Here are some instantly usable episodes, starting with "the trailer" for the series: