Dreams and Memories Fine Art Exhibition 2018

  • Dreams and Memories Fine Art Exhibition 2018

    Project Space Artist : Htet T San

    The works in Dreams and Memories is an attempt to communicate with the unconscious and a reflection on the conscious states of mind. By using various alternative and experimental image making techniques such as chemigrams, cyanotypes, film, silkscreen, digital art and mixed media concepts, Htet T San explores the art of narrative storytelling based on personal journey. 

    School of Visual Arts, New York, NY
  • Space 1: from project "Allegory_"Nothing"" 
    Silkscreen with Gold Paint and Fabric Installation
  • Space 2: Dreams and Memories
    Digital Art Photography Project
  • Space 3: Void, 2018
    Chemigrams with Mirror Installation
    Each aeroplane hold a poem that I have written over the years inside.
  • Space 4: From The Frail Second, 2013 
    Digital Art Photography Project 
  • Space 5: Phases, 2017
    Photographs from Sculptural pieces made with Glass+Mirror+ Photography
  • Space 6  : Will Power, 2017
    Chemigram with Light Installation
    "3 Steps" 
    Chemigram Fabric Installation
  • Space 6: Cyanotype Scrolls
    1. Melody
    2. All the Birds have Songs to Sing
    3. Sun Circle
  • Close up of All the Birds have Songs to Sing Cyanotype Scroll. 
  • Space 6: Moonlight Sonata 2018

  • Self-portrait 
  • Dreams and Memories exhibition will be up on School of Visual Arts,
    East 23rd street, New York City from September 1- October 31, 2018 and opens from 9am - 9pm.
    Thank you for visiting.