Kids Cartoon Robot character concepts

  • Robot (45–50 Earth years old). Mechanic at St. Isaac’s Hospital. Invents various gadgets and devices in his spare time. Archie has wheels instead of legs. These help him get around very quickly, but given that he’s so scatterbrained and clumsy, they don’t always take him in the right direction. Archie’s hospital scrubs are labeled with the character 痴 (pronounced “chi” in Chinese, a reference to his name, Archie), which means crazy or passionately carried away.
  • Archie’s nephew, He has a single, large optical sensor on his face, earning him the nickname “Cyclops”. He’s not too brave, but he’s a faithful robot. 
  • A good robot for odd jobs. An enormous builder bot whose hands or arms can be swapped out for hammers, saws, and other construction tools. 

  • A girl robot, the most popular celebrity on the planet. Her face is constantly popping up on screens in the background and in all kinds of ads. Glamor incarnate, she is a teen pop icon (probably in the Japanese or K-pop style, maybe with elements of furry culture). Nobody knows if she’s an actress, a model, or a singer. She’s famous for being famous.
  • A teen at school who is a gloomy robot poet, dresses in black, accessorizes with rusty objects and stickers bearing robot skulls, and recites poems about death to the sweet strains of an untuned guitar.