The Power of the People, 99%

  • polymer clay, clothing, metal, paint, bicycle
    55 x 65 x 23 in
    100 little people are on the bicycle. A motor moves some of them making it look like they're working.
    I am expressing my opinion that 99% of the people work to make society function. We must create a society where all people can live with dignity.
  • Ninety nine of them wear shirts numbered 1 – 99 with my 99% logo design. 
    All 99 people play a distinct role in powering and guiding the bike and take pride in their part. 
  • They seem to be enjoying working with others.
  • The 1% guy is sleeping with a glass of wine and The Wall Street Journal.
  •            We are the 99 Percent!                            my 99% logo design