Intergalactic Art [Series]

  • Intergalactic Art [Series]

  • ' Wow! Signal '
    Oil on a canvas. 25*30 cm

  • 'The Eyes That Look At The Sky'
    Oil colors on a canvas. 25 * 30 cm

  • 'Let's To Build Other Ships That Be Able To Fly To The Sky'
    Oil colors on a canvas. 30 * 40 cm

  • 'Cygnus X-3'
    Oil on a canvas. 25*25 cm

  • 'Waiting For The Gods Returning'
    Oil on a hardboard, 24*30 cm

  • 'The Remnant Of The Big Star Explosion'
    Oil on a canvas with a cardboard, 25 * 25 cm

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    Alime Kurtvelieva - Fine artist
    Oleksandr Geffen - Photographer