The store is placed in a residential area in the city center in Damascus .It was previously a small barber shop.The work was to renovate the place to fit the new function. Most of the work was with designing the walls in a way that do not make the place smaller. 

    Graphic Design by Kinda Ghannoum
    Interior Design by Maya ​​​​​​​Ghannoum

  • Logo Concept​​​​​​​

    Creating custom made typography and trying different lockups.​​​​​​​

    The “Big John” was used to inspire the logotype.

    It’s made of (15 * 6) squares size pattern with side size (X) Minimum size for the logo 10 mm. and the clear space is a 3X clear space around the logo

    Our Logo clear space It’s a (2X) clear space around the logo.

    Texture glitches are a kind of bug or other error that causes any specific model or texture to either become distorted or otherwise to not look as intended by the developers.

  • interior design
    The lounge has a very small space. Investing the space was very difficult. The solution was to hang the displays from the ceiling. Every hanger had to carry two displays so the users will face each other while competing. 

  • The design is based on the contrast between the Brutal, sharp, and clean grey spaces. The neon blue light is enhancing this contrast, by lighting the sharp concrete walls to make them more visible and more attractive to the costumer. Also the lightning in the lounge is giving the electric, video gaming atmosphere to the store with metal net and concrete walls for more sharp and exciting experience 

  • There are eight normal displays and one vip with bigger size and a great coach.

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