• Auspice is the greatest bird magazine ever. It's all about observing, this is the main purpose of the magazine. It has two different points of view, the human's point of view and the bird's. They are both connected through a central piece.

    The first section is from the human's point of view, looking up. It features articles, interviews and reports on how humans interact with birds. Part two is a journal of the bird, a poetic monthly diary describing the bird’s daily life. Finally the third is all about the bird and how it interacts with humans.

    Each issue follows a bird around an area of the world. The first is with the Swainson’s Hawk, we observe how it travels around the state of Oregon. When the bird migrates we travel to the next destination, and meet our next character, the Snowy Crowned-tern in Pampas, Argentina. Each new issue is related to the last, following bird migrations around the globe and meeting new friends, finding out everything there is to know about birds.

    This project was made by Anna Paredes and Jay Darvishian under the guidance of Albert Romagosa at Elisava’s Master’s Degree in Editorial Design.