Conceiving Twins Through IVF: How Is it Possible?

  • Traditionally, twins are a blessing, but not all who love to produce twins do so. Ideally, genes play a vital role when it comes to producing twins in life. In case there is a pair of twins in your family or clan, there are higher chances that you might have them, but it is also not a guarantee.

    Thanks to ART ‘Assisted Reproductive Technology’ and basically IVF ‘In Vitro Fertilization’ couples can get a chance to have twins in life.

  • How Do Twins Come About Through IVF?
  • Basically, IVF is a fertility treatment where eggs and sperms are joined in a Petri dish in a laboratory. Most IVF treatment procedures that result in twins just occur as we shall see later on.

    Normally, an IVF procedure begins with fertility drugs to help a woman produce more eggs. The higher the number of eggs, the more one’s chances of conception are increased. Clomiphene ‘Clomid, Serophene’ and Gonadotropins are the commonest fertility drugs utilized around the globe.

    When the eggs are mature, commonly ascertained through a laparoscopy, they will be harvested. These are joined with the male sperms to form an embryo.

    To increase the likelihood of twins or multiple births, the doctor has to transfer more than two embryos to the woman’s womb. A woman must have discussed this with the fertility expert since some women not be interested in it.

    According to studies, 32% of infertility treatments conducted using gonadotropins result in twins or multiples. Therefore, a couple must discuss its goals before using any fertility drug.

    Is It Safe To Conceive Twins Through IVF?

    Conceiving twins through IVF is considered safe as long as a woman opts for an advanced IVF centre in India before her treatment. Ideally, the problem may spring from the fertility drugs used during her infertility treatment.

    There is an increased risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome in case a woman is given too much of the hormones to bring about egg development. Otherwise, once implantation occurs, the fetus development occurs just like any other pregnancy.

    The Reality of IVF & Conceiving Twins

    In case you desire to have twins in life, IVF is certainly the best option today. Via the treatment, you can get a chance to carry your pregnancy or use a surrogate.

    There are various IVF success stories that resulted in twins, although many couples become tight-lipped about it. Celebrities like Beyonce, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mariah Carey, Sanjay Dutt and Maanayata Dutt have twins.

    Sarah Jessica Parker opened up about using a surrogate to have her twins while Marcia Cross admitted to having used IVF.