This project is for representing a theme ‘Science festival’. The main intention of this work is to express weirdness of science with my new interpretation. I found that there are lots of interesting factors that science can show us. Especially, science supplies have a fun, creative and quirky sense humors. People might find their interests from these humorous and odd elements.

  • STAGE.01  A space with aliens
    The First stage is about a space. When we were a child, we dream of going to a space. I would like to express our childish wish like meeting aliens in person. The existence of aliens has made us curious and boost our creativity. Although we do not know whether they are real or not. The possibility that they can live somewhere can be an interesting issue.

  • STAGE.02 A robot with foods
    The second stage is about a robot. Robots became familiar with our lives. They not only make us happy, but also help us. This stage shows us the intimacy that humans can have with a relationship with robots.

  • STAGE.03 Human's body
    The third stage is about a human’s body. We do not know how our body works accurately, although science has developed. We are too used to our body. My intention is to investigate several parts of our body. If we take a look in detail, we can find a fresh envision from our accustomed body.​​​​​​​

  • STAGE.04

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