BUS Live Sessions | Videography (Vol.I)

  • We are surrounded with artists; some may pass unnoticed and it is one’s duty to seek, BUS is a project founded for artists, by artists.

    is a journey through art and innovation; that would pick up your senses and drop them off at the gates of utopia.This is a shout-out for all artists; come out of hiding. Join our fruitful community, follow the
  • BUS - The Anthem
  • Danny Malak knows how to treat a guitar right, listen carefully because these are the kind of notes one should not miss.
    We proudly present our first live session. and a hint to what's coming next.
  • Listen closely, and you will learn that heaven is closer than you think. We proudly present Cosmic Architects and Sherif El Shazly.
  • While you all were catching your Pokémon, we caught ourselves an angel.
    Watch Nour Samir and Omar Etman share a microphone. Literally.
  • Zeina provides enough sass and jazz, for everyone to join.