• LIONESS is a gym for women with Cross fit, Zomba, spinning, , sauna, Jacuzzi, massage, yoga, open cardio area.
    located in Saudi Arabia.

  • mood board
  • Logo drafts

  • Final logo
    The logo was inspired and reflected the main idea of the gym that is feminine, elegant and  fitness. The way the lioness stand give the impression about Pride femininity and elegance. We used line to draw the logo to reflect the femininity. 

  • Logo Squares
    It’s made of (8 * 7) squares, size pattern with side size (X).

  • Clear space
    It’s a 3x clear space around the logo..

  • Logo Elements
    This palette is feminine and elegant .
    Pink is a delicate color that means sweet, nice, playful, cute, romantic, charming, feminine, and tenderness, is associated with bubble gum, flowers, babies, little girls, cotton candy, and sweetness. The color pink is the color of universal love of oneself and of others

  • Patterns

  • Typeface

  • stationery

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