WenDivas Lunch Club Branding

  • My grandma is 81 years old and has lived in the same community in Southern California for the last 55 years. Every Friday at 11:30am sharp for the past 5 years, my grandma and 20 of her other grandma friends meet at their local Wendy's to have lunch. They push together a bunch of tables and form one long table where they share a meal, laugh together, and update each other on what they & their families are up to. They charmingly refer to themselves as the WenDivas.
  • I had the privilege of joining them last year, and I could tell that this weekly, self-organized meet up was something special that keeps these women (all 65+ years old) young at heart and full of life. I designed a mini-brand identity for the WenDivas to highlight the importance of women spending time together and supporting each other.
  • The branding was inspired by the simple act of making time to share a moment (and a snack) with people you love. Adobe loved the project so much that they interviewed me for their blog! Read the post here.

    Sometimes all it takes is one positive action to inspire another, and I hope the WenDivas have inspired you to schedule a little face time (no, FaceTime doesn't count) with your pals.