8 1/2 Film Zines

  • 8 1/2 Film Zines
  • My overall interpretation of the theme of this film is the mix between dreams and reality of the film director, Guido. His problems are expressed metaphorically: him stuck in traffic, trapped in smoke, suffocating, wanting to escape, and pulled back down by his peers. But eventually crashes down to earth. It is a metaphor for the ups and downs of his creative ambitions and reality. He transitions a desire to escape from the problems he faces in his reality.

    I decided to hand-make these 2 zines based on 8 1/2 the film by Federico Fellini from the Criterion Collection.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • ZINE #1- I photographed different textures while projecting a light over different objects. The idea that there are 2 narratives to the film: his dreaming is his clarity but in reality, it is chaos. The inside of the french fold reveals the mess and darkness thats hidden beneath his his clarity.
  • beginning of his clarity
  • middle
  • ending
  • His problems accumulate throughout the film, fogging his clarity.
  • The inside folds are his chaos hiding underneath the outside pages which is clarity.
  • ZINE #2- I used various different found objects to express the states in the film. The idea of the director dreaming in the beginning and progresses to want escape from his reality. He tries to fight away from all the accumulating problems but they don’t go away until he accepts his reality at the end. 
  • Process of him being stuck & wanting to escape, progressing into the acceptance into his reality.
  • details of pages