Boston Uncovered

  • A weekly look at different, unique pieces from Boston’s history with perspective from the City’s resident experts. Thanks to a wealth of records and artifacts, we're here to tell compelling stories that would otherwise have remained hidden. |

  • For the first time since it closed in the 1960s, the abandoned subway tunnel under 
    City Hall Plaza was opened to the public on May 21, 2018.
  • The story of a 300-year-old gravestone found during a construction project in Boston. Featuring Joe Bagley, City Archaeologist
  • A look at the voting records from 1920, after the 19th amendment granted women the right to vote. Featuring Marta Crilly, Archivist. 

  • Archaeology from the 1600’s brings us pieces of history from around the world. Joe Bagley, City Archaeologist, takes a look at the ceramics from different countries that were uncovered in Boston. 

  • Paul Revere joins forces with his North End community to address a sewer issue. Featuring Archivist Marta Crilly.
  • For much of its history, the Dorchester School for Girls was occupied by up to 30 girls age 6-15. City Archaeologist Joe Bagley takes a look at artifacts from the 1800s that were uncovered during an archaeological dig.
  • A look back at the 1963 groundbreaking of City Hall. Archivist Marta Crilly shows off the hard hat worn by Mayor Collins, a photo from the groundbreaking, and different design pitches for City Hall.
  • While digging at the Pierce-Hichborn house, the Archaeology team found a rare piece of ceramic with King William III's face on it. Featuring City Archaeologist, Joe Bagley.

  • The City's Archaeology team spent some time at the Pierce-Hichborn site, digging through 300 years of artifacts. From bones to buttons, here's a look at what they found. Featuring Joe Bagley, City Archaeologist.