Books Mobile Web

  • “Books” is the first online bookstore founded in 1995 in the China area, and it has developed into electronic commerce company now. In 2010, with the enormous trend of mobile devices, it commissioned us to design its mobile web. The goal is to reach consumers and to present content more on the mobile device.

    My brief was to reinforce Books images, including expanding the use of the color of logo - their identity lawngreen. Although it is green style, I tried to avoid boring single hue and make it in a salient effect and in gradual gradient so there are myriad ways to present a variety of green. Each bar, banner and icon, I considered all the elements in harmonious green and decorated them with some geometric shape to facilitate the functional and emotional impact of the design.

    In CSS, I made design flexible with its width so that it could fit any size of screen of mobile device. It can be expanded and reduced automatically. Thus, all the images of Books mobile web are compatible with different mobile screens of various pixel resolutions.