Movie Illustrations

  • Movie Illustrations represents our view of new trends in Web design. It's no secret that the new Android version will sport an even lighter design than before, and that Web is likewise moving towards a black and white design with a prevalence for white. Color is increasingly used as an interface roadmap for accents, notifications and warnings. 
    We wanted to bring optimization of graphics and its effectiveness into the spotlight, even where there is none. We hope that you enjoy our new album!
    The Yarandin Inc. Team

  • Tags: Indiana Jones, Blade runner, Ready player one, Back to future, Star wars, Lord of the rings, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Aliens, Jurassic Park, Ghostbusters, Harry Potter, Watchmen, Justice League, Avengers, The Predator, UI, UX, web design, clean interface, icons, mobile, tablet, branding, concept, interface, webdesign, web site design, user experience, user interface, logo, presentation, devices, adobe illustrator, simple design, simple illustration, minimalistic,2D

    Bogdan Shpak - Illustrator
    Oleksandr Geffen (Yaka Spectrum) - Art Director
    Anatoliy Yarandin

    YARANDIN INC 2010-2018
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