Tiger Tank: Michael Wittmann

  • The Tiger Tank is my favorite WW2 tank, so it was a no brainer to build and texture a Tiger Tank model of my own. 
    For this Tiger Tank model, specifically, I modeled and textured it to be historically accurate to the one that was commanded by Michael Wittmann (007): The most decorated "Panzer Ace" of WW2.
    1) Normandy 
    2) North Africa 
    3) Eastern Front (Winter)
  • Progress 1: Autodesk Maya 2017
  • Progress 2: Substance Painter 2.0
  • Front View (Normandy Camouflage)
  • Side View
  • Rear View
  • Aerial View
  • Ground View
  • Side View (North Africa Dessert Camouflage)
  • Side View (Russian Winter Camouflage)