Creativity International Awards

  • Creativity International Awards 
  • Client wanted to redesign their award into a 3D statue based on their logo Calliope (seen below). They liked an abstract look so we showed them a wire-frame idea along with additional explorations towards more realistic options with a variety of bases. Once they saw all three concepts they narrowed it down to the abstract wireframe metal option. The challenge there was to get the thickness in the wire - frame design thick enough for production and I had to manipulate the logo just a bit but still look the same.  

  • realistic logo exploration option can be seen below

  • an additional design that was included here was version that was semi-abstract. you can see 3D visuals below. 
  • here was the additional changes in brief. I had to make sure the thickness all around the wireframe metal was at least 0.5''. below is a final 3D render of how they new thickness of the piece would look along with the depth pass. 
  • ​​​​​​​

    Final image of award can be seen below
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