Sitoh's Collander

  • Medium: Video

    Year: 2016


    The Colander used in this performance belonged to my Great Great Grandmother, Farha that emigrated from Syria to the U.S. I never met her and all I really know of her are her these 2 objects of her possessions left behind. A Colander and a wooden block with a Jewish star carved into it that was used for making cookies. Why were these possessions important, so important that it was kept for so many generations? What can these significant objects, tell me about who she was and her values?

    In attempt to connect to the past to gain strength and power from my great, great grandmother, I perform this meditation  piece. I dip the colander in the pond, straining the water 6 times to represent 6 generations that came from her.  Set close to my home in Madison Square Park, a park that I visit daily. Contrasting old Syria to modern day NYC, keeping it alive. This piece relates to the theme of the show because it speaks about Jews from Islamic countries, their traditions and how it exists today and how it is thriving in the modern world.