I'II When I Want - Against to Child Marriage

  • I'll Marry When I Want- Against to Child Marriage.

    Animation: So Hyun Park
    Instructor : Hyesung Park
    TA : Eunsung Do
    Sound design: Yunna Jeong

    This is speech by Memory Banda who is a activist and a tireless leader for girls right, in Malawi and around the world. She read her friend, Eilen Piri's pome was entitled ' I'll marry when I want ". This poem is so interesting and motivating  so I made animation from this part. 
     In Malawi, many girls are force to marry even they don't want it. Also, her sister got pregnant at age 11. However, Memory and some of other girls refused to marry. Eilen is only 13 years old and she also against to the child marriage.Finally, they pushed on the national level with incredible results.

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