• Rebranding for a New York City Chinese restaurant, Cafe China. A traditional Sichuan menu paired with wine & cocktails is complemented by 1930s Shanghai decor. 

    Café China was opened by Xian Zhang and his wife, Yiming Wang. Ms. Wang was in charge of the décor, meant to evoke Shanghai before World War II. They are both huge fans of old Shanghai movies, naming some of their significant cocktails with actual movie names.

    The theme of ‘movie’ is the main concept of my rebranding for the restaurant. I divided the menu into four catagories: romance, drama, action, fantasy. Which I categorized the foods with the levels of their spiciness. And for the cocktail menus, each individual menu is in the shape of an actual movie ticket, with it’s very own iconic movie lines on the back. Letting the customers to engage in not only the cocktail itself, but the story behind it.