El Jimador : Day of the Dead

  • This is a fun spot that was made with practical mini sets and blended with CG characters. I was in charged of all the characters outfits and two shots lighting! 
  • I recreated this bottle based on the real product. I actually have this bottle sitting at my desk every day just so I can (drink) look at it for reference. 
  • Here are the outfits turnatble for each character I worked on.
  • These fun small bottle are fun! The original concept was designed by Amelia Chen. 
  • Below are what was shoot practically from our studio. Fun, right?
  • Credits

    Directed by: Buck

    Executive Creative Director: Orion Tait
    Executive Producer: Anne Skopas
    Creative Director: Thomas Schmid
    CG Supervisor: Bill Dorais
    Producer: Anabella Zubillaga
    Production Coordinator: Alexi Yeldezian
    Art Director: Arvid Volz
    Animation Director: Chad Colby
    Design: Olivia Blanc, Amelia Chen, Thomas Schmid, Yeojin Shin, Kyle Strope
    Concept Art and Matte Painting: Dae-Han Yi, Jong Lee, Artur Sadlos
    Storyboards: William Trebutien
    3D Modeling: Bill Dorais, Michele Herrera, Joy (Meng-Chwen) Tien, Arvid Volz
    Rigging: Ernesto Ruiz Velasco
    3D Animation: Ozan Basaldi, Jordan Blit, Chad Colby, Jonathan Muller, Cesar Tafoya
    Look Development: Brice Linane, Joao Rema, Ana Santos, Joy (Meng-Chwen) Tien
    Lighting: Brice Linane, Jimmy Sans, Ana Santos, Joao Rema, Joy (Meng-Chwen) Tien
    Compositing: Brice Linane, Jimmy Sans, Ana Santos, Joao Rema, Joy (Meng-Chwen) Tien
    2D Animation: Rocio Cogno, Kyle Strope
    Live Action Director: Jon Gorman, Thomas Schmid
    Set Fabrication: Ben Kress, Junko Shimizu, Yeojin Shin, Taili Wu
    Director of Photography: Anibal Hernandez

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