The Brave Little Hedgehog

  • "Little Brave Hedgehog"

    Once upon a time, there is a Little Hedgehog lives in the pine forest. One day, Little Hedgehog takes a walk on the flower bed, and he sees monkey, rabbit, deer and little squirrel is playing hide and seek. Little Hedgehog wants to play too, he asks Monkey, but Monkey refuses to play with him because he is shy and weak. Little Hedgehog is sad and is about to walk away. Then rabbit discover she is trapped in a snake, and she cried for help. 

    Guess what is going to to happen in the story?
  • When everyone heard Rabbit's scream, they jump and run for their lives. Little Monkey always tells others how strong and brave himself, instead of standing out for Rabbit, he chicken out from the terrifying snake. 

    On the other hand, Little Hedgehog heard his friend Rabbit was in dangerous. He steps forward, pull out one of his spiky hair, defeated the snake, and saved everyone. 

    Little Monkey feels ashamed of his unkindness, he apologized to Little Hedgehog. Then, they are all play happily and safely together. 

    The end