Taipan Armored Assault/ Troop Carrier

  • Taipan Armored Assault Troop Carrier

    UNSC ground vehicle design styles have always been a favorite of mine and had inspired me to create one of my own. My main area of focus would be based on a troop carrier vehicle that would would be able to deliver reliable transportation across all terrains and also be an effective assault/ support vehicle in the front lines as well. 
    This is a vehicle design that took 5 years in the making. This doesn't mean that it took me 5 years to complete, but rather that its a design that i first started in 2013 and then revisited it a couple more times down the road to "remaster" it.  
    I do enjoy looking back through the archives to "remaster" some of my past works because not only do I get to enjoy creating an enhanced version, but reflecting on the amount of progress I was able to make. 
    Fun thing is that I probably will come back to this design later in the future and have a to "remaster" it to another quality level.

  • 2013 - First attempt at sketch/ digital painting
  • 2015 - 2nd attempt at digital painting
  • 2018 - Maya 3D Model
  • 2018 - Substance Painter texture
  • Final Render - Front View
  • Final Render - Ground View
  • Final Render - Rear View
  • Final Render - Side View