Zipeng Zhu x Look Mate London Socks

  • About Zipeng Zhu

    Zipeng Zhu is an art director, designer, animator & illustrator in New York City who wants to make everyday a razzle-dazzle musical. Before he ate cheese & spoke English, he was eating rice & speaking Mandarin & Cantonese in China.

    About Collabration

    Playful and eye-catching in a zingy bright yellow cotton, the new sock is named Sprinkle Summer and was inspired by the candy sprinkles we all remember from our own childhoods eating decadent ice-cream sundaes. Zipeng declared “I'm a big fan of sprinkles, one day I accidentally dropped some on my yellow coffee table...” and the colourful Sprinkle Summer sock was born.

    Socks name ''Sprinkle Summer"

  • Exquisite socks designed collaboratively.

    T H A N K    Y O U    F O R    V I E W I N G !
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