• Not all dreams find its way to reality, only those painted with action and will are fulfilled and the dream becomes a reality.How about if those dreams belong to a child who opened his eyes to this word to find himself incapable or disabled. There is a great difference between a rose left to decay and another embraced and nurtured.

  • “ Hekayt Helm “ is a project to spot the light on the talented kids especially those who are “ handicapped/disabled “ in a sort of a competition, divided into phases starting from choosing the contestant and then training them until choosing the finalists and the winner similar to some international television programs/talent shows.

  • logo rationale​​​​​​​

  • logo guides 

  • Project concepT

    like the stars in the sky and how it’s born and shine. The main idea behind the visual concept is to make a star from the Arabic word (dream story) and build the whole branding concept on the stars’ rays guides,The pattern is Arabic scattered letters inspired also from the stars and how it explodes to spread its power in the whole universe.       

  •              star in the sky

  •                 star rays

  •                  star rays and color spaces 

  •                 star rays and patterns

  •                 the pattern

  •                 concept

  • Stage concept 
    We build the stage concept on the stars’ rays guides, so we put the star over the stage to make it looks like it lights up everything.     

  • colors


  • event's photo

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