Book Jacket

    Trainspotting is a novel by Scottish writer Irvine Welsh set in Scotland, and first published in 1993. The main themes of the work are addiction, self-destructive behavior and the maturation of friendships as people transition into adulthood. These four book jacket designs are an attempt to communicate these themes visually.

    the design uses the book as an object, in this case as a human body. the book jacket shows the idea of leaving a black track mark after heroin use. It shows the struggle of this self- destructive behavior.

    The train track on the cover are arranged by pills on the background, the black figure is trapped and reaching for help. However as the first layer of the book jacked is opened, underneath the hand is actually reaching for the pill.

    One of the biggest themes of the book is addiction. The image shows addiction by a hand reaching to fire. Addiction is best described as something you both want and don’t want, like being thirsty for fire, you know it will kill you but you want it anyway.