The exhibition Alex Kanevsky’s Synecdoche New York is formatted as a stage play which is an association to the movie Synecdoche New York. Both the artist Alex Kanevsky and the film will be celebrated and connected through out three acts. Where each act introduces and exhibits a different aspect of Kanevsky’s paintings. 
    Alex Kanevsky is a Russian born American painter currently based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His works combine abstraction and figuration in multilayered portraits that capture movement and the constant flow of time, resisting adherence to a single moment. 

    Kanevsky’s art's first major appearance was in the movie Synecdoche New York. In the film his work is shown as the works of the protagonist's wife, Adele's miniature pieces, symbolizing shrinking, yet an increasingly personal art form. 

  • Caden's play is influenced by every single character involved in his life, it's length stretches from hours to days to weeks to a year Eventually it becomes a never ending show that spans Caden's whole life. The whole movie is about Caden's struggle to finish his play, as well as his attempts to find the truth of himself. The play is focal point of contrast to Kanevsky’s personal shrinking art form.