Antinovel Collection

  • The Antinovel Collection. Containing Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace, A Void George Perce, Pale Fire by Vladimir Nabokov, Finnegans Wake by James Joyce and The Unfortunates by B.S Johnson.

    An antinovel is any experimental work of fiction that avoids the familiar conventions of the novel, and instead establishes its own conventions. The antinovel usually fragments and distorts the experience of its characters, presenting events outside of chronological order and attempting to disrupt the idea of characters with unified and stable personalities. Some principal features of antinovels include lack of obvious plot, minimal development of character, variations in time sequence, experiments with vocabulary and syntax, and alternative endings and beginnings.

    Taking this into account the design was influenced by establishing an experimental structure avoiding familiar book cover conventions. Each cover is set out as if it was a traditional cover, this was then divided into the same amount of parts as chapters in each book, each part is then placed at random establishing its own conventions.

    Giving a result of a fragmented and distorted cover with lack of an obvious structure. The final design is a big hint of what you're about to go through by reading the book.

    This project was made alongside Anna Paredes at Elisava.

    Thanks :D