NHL O'Connor Courage Trophy

  • NHL O’Connor Courage Trophy

    The goal here was to create an award that represents the clients vision. There were sketches provided by the client of what they wanted and that was a great starting point. As an Art director I love to create additional ideas and when a project like this comes my way I like to draw influence from the subject matter. Therefore in this case the game. So when you play sports there is a thrill, a drive, a passion and also imperfection. I didn't want the top part of the award to feel so stiff and perfect - so i offered a slight twist to the sled and sticks. 
    The limitations to this design process was the manufacturing aspect - this could only be a fabricated idea so not cast hence not too complicated with less detail and depth and a perpetual base was a must. I thought of different ideas for the perpetual base, from modern to classic to the blend of both. The O'Connor Courage Trophy stands at 22'' height. 
  • same idea as above but with a puck

  • additional designs in the brief before client changes and final was chosen. 

  • I always sketch out ideas and study both the subject matter so, in this case the game as well as the sled the hockey sticks. Then I focused on the perpetual bases and creating different options from modern to more classic. 
  • 3D Wireframes