Rebecca Arnold Photography

  • Rebecca has 2 product lines: 
    Art Collection: Hip, cool, impacting, abstract nature photography for the general public (not galleries). Prospects/Clients: Interior designers, creative industry people and companies, collectors.
    Photographic Green Spaces: Straight forward but quality nature photography, full of color, light, detail, optimism. These photos aim to evoke inspiration, hope, warmth, replenishment, comfort, joy, beauty and wonderment. Prospect/Clients: Corporations in dense urban centers like NY, since science shows nature photography is measurably good for our health.
  • ~ Above the main logo for Rebecca Arnold Photography, which has a main umbrella covering two product lines; Photographic Green Spaces and Nature Collection ~
  • ~ Above the second chapter of Rebecca Arnold Photography's enterprise; the Art Collection, fine art photography of the natural world aimed at collectors ~
  • ~ Rebecca also needed a mark used for the certificate of authenticity, shipping labels and promo cards ~