Washington Nationals 2013 Season Tickets

  • This is a 8in x 8in promotional booklet for the Washington Nationals baseball team. 
  • It was an almostmoment.

    Winning the NL Eastwasn’t an easy feat. But there was a moment, when you held your breath, andrealized there could be more.

    Game five of the playoffs crushed dreams of Nats fanseverywhere. It was a cruel end to an amazing season, but it didn’t leave youbroken hearted. Somewhere, in the back of your mind you were getting excitedfor next season. The bitter sting of defeat will linger. But now, all bases areloaded, and Zimmerman is coming up to bat.

  • Pressure’son.

    You’ve thought aboutwhat next season will be like. Will Harper get better or only flop in asophomore slump? Can surgery help Strasburg stay in the game longer?

    All questions leadto one, was this a fluke?
    Don’t think so.

    The Nationals havecome too far to turn back now. When spring training starts more questions willbe asked, but there is only one way to get answers.

  • 82 games, 9 innings,1 season ticket.

    At the end of lastseason, 30,000 Nats fans filled the stands of National’s Park. Be one of them.With season tickets, you can be there for the base hits, the outfield catches,and of course, the home runs.

    As a season ticketholder, you’ll be at National’s Park on opening day. And those seats? They’reyours all season. Can’t wait until the season starts? Head down to Viera,Florida to watch the players train. You’re part of the team now.

    You know the Natswill make it to the playoffs again. The only difference from last season?You’ll be there to see them win.

    All season ticketholders get 15% off merchandise, the VIP treatment, and first dibs on playofftickets. Choose your plan at washington.nationals.mlb.com