Brand Intervention Book and Branding

  • Are you:
      • Sick and tired of 300-page business and marketing books with 8 pages of useful content and 290 pages of regurgitation?  
      • Fed up after hearing an amazing TED Talk, purchase that speaker's book only to find nothing more in the book than what they admired in that 18-minute TED Talk?

    As this book was written to provide the tools to get any brand seen, heard, and ready to change the world, Brand Intervention, 33 Steps to Transform The Brand You Have into the Brand You Need with a Foreword written by Daymond John, is the first book written for CEOs, entrepreneurs, brands, and startups that don’t have time to read a book on branding. 

    It doesn’t read like any other book. It’s (much) faster. 

    Inside, it doesn’t look like any other book on branding. 

    It shows instead of tells, and is full-color throughout, with 290 pages of straight talk on marketing and branding for real. You find out what triggers sales, turning buyers into loyal fans. 

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  • A lot of folks are asking when and where to buy their copy of the new book when it comes out: Brand Intervention, 33 Steps to Transform the Brand You Have into the Brand You Need.  

    The VERSION to get is the HARDCOVER version. Why?

    1) The hardcover version has built-in awesomeness. Plain and simple. It's part of the unique binding and glue used from rare trees found in the Southern hemisphere.

    2) It's printed with "envy-repelling" ink on the covers that has been tested to stand up best against those who enviously see it in your office, your home, or your hands.  

    3) You look as badass and first-class as you should look.  

    4) Some have reported that food tastes better and coffee has more impact in the presence of the hardcover version. We believe it has to do with the special charms we infuse into each book to give each owner newfound powers that have not yet harnessed. 

    The book will be LIVE on Amazon any day now and we'll let you know the day it's live for sure!
  • Tested out how the book proof looked on the mantlepiece. Pretty hot. ;-)