Clay Comix + Critters 2017

  • Mikey the Terrier. Unique hand-crafted ceramic jar.
  • Little Devil Cups. Porcelain with a celadon glaze
  • Granite Tintin Jar. Lidded jar with high-fire glaze.
  • Tintin in China. Lidded celadon jar.
  • Ape Jar in Green Jade glaze.
  • Reggie the B+W Cat Jar. Hand-made with his head as the lid.
  • Peanuts + Krazy Kat Mug set. Snowballs and bricks. Ouch!
  • Cryin' Nancy Jar. An ode to Ernie Bushmiller's great comic.
  • Brick-tossing Ignatz. Ode to Herriman's Krazy Kat strip 1913.