NFL for Verizon with mcgarrybowen & Erwin Penland


    This was an incredibly fun 2 year project—getting to have a 300+ lb linebacker crash land inches from my lens goes down as one of the most fun things I’ve ever shot.

    Time—that was the most critical thing about shooting NFL. We would have very little time with each of the players. What we did have was a giant shot list, full of "must have” shots and very few “it would be nice to have” shots. The only way to create the time we would need was to work ahead of time—to sketch and troubleshoot at the studio, create a scaled down test shoot, and on the actual shoot, we would need to have a full day pre-light to put it all into practice.

    I also needed to surround myself with a smart and efficient crew, so that any problems that would come up (there are always problems) could be resolved quickly: from flash sync voodoo to tether software crashes, I knew these would happen and I knew that I couldn’t afford to stop shooting.

    The testing worked, the pre-light dialed us in, and my crew kept me bouncing back in record time from any problems — often without anyone outside the crew even noticing.