Pinocchio Forest

  • Pinocchio Forest
    "Pinocchio's nose is his best-known characteristic. It grows in length when he tells a lie"
    -----From Wikipedia
    The inspiration of Pinocchio Forest comes from the tale of Pinocchio's nose.
    When I created this series of illustrations, I kept thinking of a lie (I'm not talking about spam, fraud, and forgery )is good or bad.
    People normally think telling a lie is a negative behavior. But sometimes we have to tell a lie, basically for protecting ourselves, or for allaying someone's concerns.
    Pinocchio Forest could be scary...
    Pinocchio Forest could be warm and beautiful.

    medium: watercolor/ink
    size:9 inch * 12 inch
  • - Running into Pinocchio Forest-
  • -"They kill a fish!!"-
  • -"Let them go..."-
  • -Creation-
  • - Pinocchio Adam & Eve-
  • -Cage-
  • -Whisper-
  • -Release-
  • -Locked-
  • -Bloody Pinocchio Forest-