• Sisyphus
    The story of Sisyphus: a man named Sisyphus wrongs Zeus, the king of the gods, and is sentenced to pushing a boulder up a hill for eternity. When it gets to the top, it rolls back down and he starts again. As devastating as that sounds it’s a strong metaphor for the noble plight, for the tasks we do and the goals we pursue that don’t have concrete endings. 

    Art is one of these noble plights. We are always striving to get better, well aware that there isn’t a pinnacle to strive for but a quality to pursue. “Better than yesterday” becomes the ultimate goal. The Neverending Notebook works within these bounds by being, well, never-ending. The book is small and light so you can bring it anywhere, and the pages are infinitely replaceable (either using the Sisyphus pages or standard easily accessible letter-size paper folded in half).

    In addition to the physical aspects of the notebook there are digital components that further the concept. Using an iPhone or iPad, a user can photograph the book (with auto cropping, editing, and white balance) and access their never-ending library on the go or through the website.