BX-planet&Zhihu 知乎

  • In the spring, 
    we were so glad to accept a impossible challenge of Zhihu live, 
    to create a "city "of Zhihu and make a 1 minute motion during 10 days. 
    Zhihu live a biggest knowledge sharing platform in China. 
    And in this short film, we introduce how it could make you life full of new pleasant surprise.

  • Client: Zhihu/Maiyue
    Director: 鼻血洋 Bixueyang
    Storyboard:鼻血洋 Bixueyang
    Art design: 赵喻非Roshan Zhao
    Animation: 奀程 En Cheng /鼻血洋 Bixueyang
    Post Production: 鼻血洋 Bixueyang