Mr. Williams Left His Chair

  • A long time ago, there was a quote that was taken for granted by all the animals. “Life is great. I got all what I wanted.” The animals stayed in their homes all the time, sitting in their chairs and never went out, just like what their ancestors did. However, Mr. Williams was quite different. He has always been curious about everything. “It’s so boring here. I am wasting my life and getting old in this chair.”
  • Mr. Williams, for the first time in animal history, stood up and walked towards the outside. He took a last glance at his collections of animal bones. Although he is not considered to be as strong as a lot of other animals, he always wanted to reign over them. Mr. Williams also kept doodling as a secret hobby. He didn’t like to advertise his artworks because he thought the other animals were too ignorant to appreciate his intelligence or aesthetic.
  • Mr. Williams took a deep breath and moved on. Embraced by dazzling daylight, he squeezed his eyes to look around. “I am outside!” He thought with much joyfulness. He could smell grass and trees. There were groups of cows walking slowly in lines. They seemed docile and quiet. Someone was planting vegetables and crops in the field. The plants were all lined up as well. “Everything is so well organized!” Mr. Williams has always liked order.
  • After walking in nature and through farms for a while, Mr. Williams got tired. He made himself a contraption with a seat and two wheels. He named it “bicycles”. As he sat on it and turned the pedals, the wheels started to spin. He rode faster and faster. Factories started to appear on the side of the road. Dark smoke rose from the chimney and countless products came out in huge boxes. They all looked the same. “I feel so lucky there is no one like me.” Mr. Williams thought. While he was still gazing at the developing industrial scene, a train rushed by him with a loud roar.
  • Mr. Williams reached the end of the land. He was surrounded by water. Looked around, he found someone had built a bridge over the ocean. As he moved on, he could see another piece of land getting clearer and clearer in front of him. There were flags penetrating into the ground of this primitive land. “Someone must have been here ahead of me.” Mr. Williams thought. Meanwhile, ships and planes rushed ahead of him, leaving paths of dark smoke behind.
  • When Mr. Williams finally reached the land, he found himself late for a party. He was submerged by dazzling neon lights coming from the mansions around. There was so much lavishness and enjoyment. However, Mr. Williams didn’t seem to be enjoying anything. “There is nothing more for me.” He murmured a little somberly, until he lifted his head up towards the sky.
  • “Look around. You have so much already.” Someone asked Mr. Williams. “Are you not satisfied?” Indeed, Mr. Williams encountered so many things he never expected to happen. He didn’t know how long he had been traveling. He could barely relate his surroundings to the place he used to live. But there was still a sense of emptiness in his heart. He had conquered the land but he didn't know anything up in the sky. And he was eager to satisfy his curiosity.
  • “I want to see the Sun. I want to touch the stars. I want to rule over everything!” Mr. Williams screamed with exceedingly jubilant voice as his rocket passed through countless layers of clouds. Suddenly, Mr. Williams felt his head hit the ceiling. He realized that he is floating in the air. Managed himself to get to the window, he saw the sky changed from brilliant rainbow colors to pitch darkness.
  • “I am outside of the Earth!” Mr. Williams could not believe his eyes. The universe was so surreal which amused him very much. He was on top of the world and had never felt so satisfied. He saw a reflection of a monkey on the surface of his rocket. “Hi, monkey! Nice view right?” He greeted. Then he realized that the monkey was acting exactly the same as he did. It was his reflection! “What am I talking about.” Mr. Williams corrected himself, “Monkeys never go to the universe. I am an astronaut. Therefore, I am a human!”