They, We, Me

  • They, We, Me
    By Ryan Bloom

    'When they shattered the shop window on M Street, the glass didn't tinkle to the cement like a thousand water-drop shards but held together instead, a single laminate sheet stressed with spider-web silk. They'd spray-painted the words "Humans First" in quick red letters across the storefront. They'd wrenched the door from its hinge. Left a crowbar hanging from the knob. They were scared, in their own way, and I understand that—we were all warned about the White Phantoms floating around outside the city, surrounding the city, perhaps, nobody knew for sure—but the choice was to work together, to protect each other, or to be picked off one by one. Alone...Anti-Android is Anti-Human," Adèle said. "You can't separate the two."'