• I made these illustrations in companion with a song I wrote called, Deep Blue. It's about a boy who falls in love with a girl who is drawn to all things related to the color blue. She personifies the feelings of blue: both cool and melancholy. She prefers the bleak winter months over the summer, and is drawn to the mysterious depths of the ocean. The boy finds these qualities charming and joins her in this blue state of being so he can feel close to her. But as time goes by she drifts further getting lost in the depths of this imaginary sanctuary, and loses touch with the rest of the world. The boy wishes to join her and go deeper into this world but is afraid that if he does, he will forget her like she is forgetting him. So he stops his blue fantasies in order to keep watch of her, but only to see her drift further away.
  • Isn't it true?
    She’s deep blue
    Deep as the ocean blue

    She doesn’t care for other colors because her luke is warm
    She slips into a coma like there’s nothing wrong,
    dips into a trance under a pool of calm
    she drifts in the deep blue—how those nights are long

    When the moon beams confetti shines in a pool of eddies,
    and swirls into a mix of deep hues flowing gently
    through the streams of her mind and into her soul;
    drinking in your sleep, now that’s a slippery slope

    But blue—when it blushes her cheeks,
    that’s her charm; blue slippers that cover her feet
    During the winter months lost in a mist of blue haze
    lying in the snow together's how we spent our days

    I have the serum, honey to your melancholy feelings
    You sleep in every day, preferring dreaming over living
    And I know you're losing touch with reality slow
    but even if you lose your grasp, I’ll never let go

    What can I do deep blue?
    These walls that I can't break through
    What can I do? Let me love you
    That smile makes me feel so blue

    Are you there? I don’t know what this curse is;
    I see you in the waters from my side of the surface
    But you don’t see me—just a reflection of what earth is
    through sapphire lenses that keep me out of focus

    Love, when will you come back to see me above
    where the waters won’t drown out the noises of people,
    the laughter, and all the songs that we’re singing
    You don’t have to sing along to the songs; I’m just saying—

    —when you’re blue, I just want to be with you
    and when you’re blue, that's how I'm feeling too
    Because when you’re blue the moon folds to a crescent shape
    then disappears, the night star is no longer awake

    I had a feeling from the start that one day we’d fall apart
    I tried to proceed with caution but you quickly stole my heart
    by living life on the edge, and staring into the blue
    If I knew that you would dive in, I would have gone in too