Where/What/How is RIDGEWOOD, QUEENS?

  • 'Where, What, How is Ridgewood, Queens?' is my take on my senior portfolio project 'tell stories about a place in 20 objects' in Steve Brodner's class. I have lived in Ridgewood, Queens for a year and half now, and it is the first place I consider my own home, since I've left my hometown in China 6 years ago. I want to show the humanity and diversity of my neighborhood through objects I found on my way home every night, and really help the audience to take away something they can relate to about this place and the people who live here.
  • The poster folds into a small book, like a travel guide.
  • Each object is illustrated separately and the composition is put together digitally with Adobe Illsutrator.
  • At the end, I experimented with some product design with the graphics.