Ben & Jerry's Man Camp

  • Ben & Jerry's Man Camp / Peace, Love and Brotherhood

    Strategy / Copy / Design

    Extend the Ben & Jerry's product offering outside the food category. 

    The OG Dad Bods & Their Ice Cream Empire
    The Ben & Jerry story started in seventh grade gym class. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield were the self-proclaimed, "slowest and fattest kids in the class." Little did the dynamic duo know they would become the model prototype for the "Dad bod" and create an ice-cream empire out of a renovated gas station. 

    Upon reviewing the brand's demographics, it was surprisingly clear a large portion of Ben & Jerry's consumers were middle-aged men. Despite having the greatest median earnings among any age group (#rollinginthecookiedough), these men felt their bromances were lacking. How could Ben & Jerry's rekindle this friendship flame? 
  • According to Forbes, 1 million adults attend summer camp each year. Camp isn't just for kids! Ben and Jerry lived for the outdoors! They would go on long biking trips and camping adventures why not make a camp exclusively for those #natureboys? Introducing, Ben & Jerry's Man Camp: a camp for men seeking adventure through peace, love and brotherhood!
  • Located on a lake in upstate New York surrounded by 100 acres of forest, Man Camp season would be open from May to September lodging guests in oTENTik structures: a tent and cabin hybrid. Cabin interiors would be painted with the Pantone colour "Natural Optimism", which was identified as the most up-lifting hue, combating depression and anxiety.
  • Mess Hall MANu
    The camp menu (MANu) draws inspiration from musicians and Dad jokes, much like the Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors. All meals are catered to provide ultimate nutrition for middle-aged men who require a more specialized diet. Meals include nutrient-rich options with high protein, reduced sugar and salt content, rich in antioxidants, potassium, healthy fats and other fun treats.
  • Reindeer Games
    Camp activities include grown-up traditional camp games like Capture the Beer (instead of flag), real-life Battleship played in canoes, team tandem biking (just like Ben and Jerry used to do), bird calling for the "nature boys", and pottery classes led by Ben Cohen himself. Activities encourage teamwork, ignite friendly competition and foster brotherhood.
  • Camping Re-Treat Ice Cream
    Commemorating the new Ben & Jerry's venture, the community will celebrate by releasing a new flavor, "Camping Re-Treat"! The flavor includes decadent rocky road with extra chocolate chunks, graham cracker crumbs and mini marshmallows. One Lovin' Spoonful and we promise you'll be ready to start singing Kumbaya, Phishing for lake trout, building a Bananarama split or planning The Great Escape to Man Camp with your old pals.
  • Who's down for some manly man camp adventures?
  • Case study in collaboration with Farida Leheta, Allison Mussoline, Hilal Ozkaya and Memoli Ward. Project was assisted by Ken Carbone, Co-Founder at Carbone Smolan Agency at the School of Visual Arts Masters in Branding Program.