The Heroes of Klink Fonfrèd, Haiti (2017)

  • The Heroes of Klinik Fonfrèd, Haiti

    In this photo essay from July 2017, I highlight the heroes of Klinik Fonfrèd, a community health clinic outside of Les Cayes, Haiti. These professionals work in extremely difficult conditions in a semi-rural area experiencing extreme poverty. The non-profit organization Forward in Health co-founded and operates the clinic and is using these portraits to tell the stories of their staff members and to engage with supporters around the world. 
  • Angeline ANTOINE, Nurse
    Angeline has been working at Klinik Fonfred since September 2016. The nurses at the clinic rotate through each unit. She likes woring in the triage unit the best. In triage each patient is different with interesting problems. She finds that she learns more each day in triage.
    Angeline is married with a 3 year old daughter, Carlengie.
  • Benjy LEFEDOR, Security
    Benjy is from Fonfred and lives near the clinic. He was one of many employees who said that he loves working at Klinik Fonfred because all of the employees are like family. He wants to give all of himself and help the clinic to grow. Benjy speaks English and is known to help out around the clinic in many ways. Whenever clinic director Nadege needs an extra hand she is known to yell out, "Benjy!" Benjy is married with a 3 year old son, Rodensky.
  • Dr. Elisabeth Berekia RAYMOND, Physician
  • Elvire HYPPOLITE, Nurse
  • Dr. Fatima JOSEPH, Physician
  • Hermane NAZAIRE, Security
  • Jean Bertrand LAGUERRE, Messenger
  • Jean Brière JEANTY, Accountant
  • Jeanne Regine DESIR, Lab Technician 
  • Dr. John MULQUEEN, Founder
  • Joseph RAMEAU, Custodian
  • Marie France ZAMOR, Housekeeping
  • Nadège CHARLES, Administrator
    Nadège has been the clinic's administrator for the past 6 months overseeing the operations of the clinic. Her prior work was as an assistant administrator in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She went to college for business management in Port-au-Prince.
    Nadege feels close to the community of Fonfred. Her mission is to help the people. She recently said, "What I am doing here (Klinik Fonfred) I am doing with my heart. I am using all of my energy and skill for Klinik Fonfred."
    Nadege said that the work is very interesting. "No day is easy, but so far in a good way to advance Klinik Fonfred."
    She is married with 1 son who is 4 years old, Liiam.
    The clinic is in good hands with her leadership.
  • Nadine MEDARD, Nurse
  • Pierre Evens JEAN LOUIS, Intake and Statistics
  • Dr. Roby MARSAN, Pediatrics
  • Rosemarie VALCOURT, Housekeeping