The Elevator Historical Society

  • For this project, my brief was to select one museum from a list of lesser known and obscure museums. Having chosen ‘The Elevator Historical Society’, I was then tasked with creating an entire branding system, as well as designing an exhibition that would be shown at the museum.

    Animations by Luke Popadics
  • Easily the largest and most daunting design project I was tasked with, my job was to redesign The Elevator Historical Society for a modern audience. Knowing I wanted to appeal to a younger crowd who most likely didn’t know of the museum’s existence, I meticulously crafted a more visually appealing stacked wordmark, taking references from the vertical nature of elevators. This design element was then brought into every facet of the brand’s collateral including stationary and web presence.
  • My second task was to design an exhibition that would be hosted at the museum as well as wall graphics, promotional materials, and a catalogue. An event that came up often in my initial research was the 1964 World’s Fair. This event featured a multitude of innovative transportation methods, all developed by the same manufacturers as the commercial elevator. From here, I created ‘People Movers’, an exhibition highlighting the transportation of the 1964 World’s Fair. The exhibition was then designed and built out including an invitation, wall graphics, advertisements, and a catalogue documenting the entire exhibition.